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We are now offering noninvasive treatment options to help revive your sexual health and wellbeing. 

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Womens Health



Although many women lose sensation or tightness in the vagina as they get older, women can experience the same symptoms at any age due to genetics, medical history, childbirth, or other factors. The O-Shot is a versatile treatment because it is minimally invasive, very quick, and doesn’t require any downtime. You should consider the O-Shot if:

  • You have decreased sensitivity or pleasure during intercourse

  • You have lost tightness in your vagina

  • You experience vaginal dryness

  • You experience incontinence due to vaginal looseness

As many women age, have children, or go through menopause, they can experience a wide variety of symptoms due to decreased vaginal health and loss of sensation. If you have decreased sexual pleasure, the O- Shot may be able to help by rejuvenating the vaginal tissue for increased tightness, natural lubrication, and sensitivity. Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures require laser technology to revitalize the tissue within the vagina, but can mean longer recovery times during which you must avoid sexual intercourse, or the use of tampons during healing.

The O-Shot is an injection that is administered at our office by our nurse practitioner, Tara J. Dixon. When you come in for your O-Shot at Revive, blood is drawn from your arm or another location on the body. Then, the blood is placed in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma-rich platelets (PRP). A numbing cream is placed on the treatment area to make you feel more comfortable during the procedure and reduce the sensation of the treatment. Once separated, the plasma-rich platelets are injected near the clitoris as well as inside the vagina. The concentrated PRP stimulate vaginal rejuvenation to help resolve loose tissues, dryness, and incontinence. The same technology is used in what is commonly called a Vampire facelift, due to the ability of PRP to stimulate growth of new tissue and create a smoother, younger facial appearance.


The entire procedure takes about an hour, including time for the blood draw, purification of the blood, and the injection. You can go home after treatment and you can immediately resume normal activities, including sexual intercourse.

Mens Health  "P-Shot"

The P-Shot is a patented procedure involving pain-free injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), harvested from the patient’s own blood, into specific areas of the penis. This effective in-office procedure can be performed in approximately 30 minutes. After the treatment, patients can resume normal activities and even engage in sexual intercourse the same day.

Treatment with a P-Shot stimulates the natural increase in formation of new blood vessels and new tissue growth and increases circulation in the penis. This results in stronger, longer, more sustainable erections.

To harvest the PRP, a small amount of blood is drawn and spun in a specialized centrifuge to separate out platelets, stem cells, and growth factors from red and white cells and other components of the blood. Through this method, concentrated platelet rich plasma is obtained for combination with safe, natural fillers and injection into the penis, after the area has been numbed with local anesthetic. P-Shot injections can improve circulation within the penis, increase sensation, and enhance penis size.

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