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Do you want a dramatic new look with lips that are full of volume? If so, then a Lip Flip isn’t for you. This procedure doesn’t produce drastic changes, but instead, it gives a more natural appearance by rolling out your lip and making it look fuller. So, don’t expect it to add any volume like dermal fillers do.

However, this procedure is a great choice for many reasons. If your top lip is much thinner than your bottom, if it tends to disappear when you smile, or if you show a little more gum in your smile than you would like, then this could be a great procedure for you.

This is also a great option if you want to take baby steps towards using injectables. Fillers last almost a year, but Botox will just last about three months. Having a Lip Flip done is also less expensive than fillers are. So, if you want to get fuller lips without committing to the results and price of a filler, then this is a great option.





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